Riki. Ree-Kee. It's like tiki, but with an R.

Goal: Make the Greatest 2D Animation Ever Seen

The Studio Riki “endgame” is to produce the greatest 2D animation the world has ever known. When you watch independent masterpieces or big-name classics like Snow White, The Iron Giant, or The Lion King, you see that the bar is set pretty high for us. It may take a while to get there. We're ready for the challenge. Every animation we do is another step towards that goal.

Studio Riki Is Weird

We really aren't like many other studios. The biggest difference is our focus isn't profits. That automatically sets us apart from most businesses in general. It also has people who live and breathe standard business tactics shaking their heads and waiting for us to fail. And that's okay, because we WILL fail. And probably often. And that's okay with us.

We Aren't Afraid of Failure

Failure is part of life. We're tired of being afraid of it. Been there, done that. Instead of being afraid of failing, we accept it's going to happen now and then, and don't let it get it our way. Fear of failure is why so many movie studios produce cash-cow sequels and treat their animators like slaves. They play to not-lose. We play to eventually win. And along the way to winning, we'll probably lose sometimes. Since our goal isn't to “not lose” that's okay.

Goal 2: Make People Feel

We want to make the best animation ever, but it goes beyond that. Life is about much more than moving pictures on a screen. It's about relationships. The best animation naturally brings the people watching it into a world of emotion. It doesn't force emotion, or purposefully choose subjects to manipulate an audience into responding. The best animation tells great stories, shares real wisdom, and sparks true feeling deep inside. We want people to FEEL. Joy, laughter, maybe even sometimes a few tears. We want to make stories and characters people love.

What Studio Riki Isn't

Studio Riki isn't a huge entertainment conglomerate with a fleet of cruise ships. Nor do we aspire to be. (Some entertainment cruise ships are amazing, though. If you've never been, highly recommended vacation idea!)

Studio Riki isn't a profits-first company that decides what to create from inside a corporate board room. (We decide what to create in the shower, while taking a walk, or wherever inspiration strikes.)

Studio Riki isn't after your money. (We do need to eat, though, which is why we charge for anything. If we ever stop needing money for food and to pay the electric bill, we'll release all our work for free. In the meantime we really [truly, honestly, and deeply] appreciate your support!)

Find Out More

If you'd like to talk more about what we do, how we do it, or most importantly WHY, please don't hesitate for a second to drop us a line via the Contact Form.

If you are an animator interested in working with Studio Riki to create some great animation, you can send us a note right here. It's important to understand one thing first, though: Being hired by Studio Riki is EXTREMELY difficult*. Not in terms of your skill, but regarding passion. Passion is key, and you need an outstanding amount of it to be considered. If you are just looking for “a job” in animation, this is not the place to be. You might instead want to check listing sites such as or

*That's not to say “don't try” though! Most of the best things in life are extremely difficult. Never let that stop you from going for your dreams.